I.S.U. Premiere of Roy Magnuson’s “Thoughts and Prayers”
September 3, 2023

Fall 2022 Performances

Consortium premiere of Peter Meechan’s “Loss Verses” November 15, 2021.

Anne McNamara’s Fall 2021 Faculty Recital

During the pandemic, Anne decided to present a unique recital livestream experience by streaming performances of live recorded works while simultaneously interacting with audience members via a live chat and video feed. This performance also included pre-recorded program notes by some of the composers.  The works were by Valerie Langfield, Karen Tanaka, Regina Harris Baiocchi and Melody Eotvos.

“A truly skillful and entertaining recording.” ~International Trumpet Guild

Anne’s debut album, “A Winter’s Night” was released by the Arts Laureate label in April 2019. To purchase a hard copy, please visit: Anne McNamara CD Baby Store The album is also available for digital download through stores such as Itunes, Amazon Music and available for streaming through services like Spotify.

The following recordings were recorded by Arts Laureate and performed by Anne McNamara and Jessica McKee. These recordings are tracks on Anne’s debut CD.

Scherzo for Trumpet and Piano (2011) by Anthony Plog (1947-)

A Winter’s Night for Flugelhorn and Piano (2016)
by Kevin McKee (1980-)

The recordings below are from previous live performances.

Fall 2021 Faculty Recital

Spanish Dance by Rodion Shchedrin (1932-)